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Top-Rated Hearing Protection Devices in Twin Falls, ID

hearing protection devices in twin falls idComprehensive Care for Your Hearing Clarity

Exposure to loud noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Since our ears are always working overtime to hear the sounds around us, there are multiple ways our hearing can become damaged, sometimes without even realizing it. Hearing loss can happen to anyone, at any age, and its effects are irreversible.

Custom ear protection can be used in any situation to defend your hearing from exposure to hazardous levels of noise. At Mt. Harrison Audiology, we offer a variety of custom hearing protection devices in Twin Falls, ID, to help you protect your hearing.

Shooters Earplugs – Shooter’s earplugs are specially designed to protect your hearing by filtering out the sharp sounds of gunshots, while still maintaining a level of accessibility and awareness of the sounds around you.

Noise EarplugsCustom earplugs protect your ears from damaging noise volumes and excessive decibels, but also allow you to hear the sounds you want to hear. Noise plugs are useful for factory or construction workers, concertgoers, those who ride public transportation, or any environment where you’re exposed to very loud noise.

Swim Plugs – Swim plugs are useful for children and adults to help protect your ears while swimming, showering, or during other water activities. Swim plugs keep the water out of your ears and reduce the risk of infection, all while allowing you to enjoy your time in the water.

In-Ear Monitors for Musicians – Custom-molded in-ear monitors provide hearing protection, eliminate feedback, and also reduce on-stage noise levels, so musicians can hear their sound during performance at a tolerable volume and stay on track with their performance.

Officer Monitors – These provide hearing protection from hazardous noise levels experienced by officers while on duty or at the shooting range.

Custom iPod Ear Molds – Carefully designed ear molds attach to your earphones or earbuds and allow you to enjoy listening to music comfortably while also protecting your hearing.

Hearing Aid Earmolds – These custom molds are often needed to ensure optimal performance of your hearing aids. Our audiologist will take an impression of your ear so your earmold will fit comfortably and offer the level of support you need to hear the sounds around you.

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As one of the premier hearing care centers in Rupert, ID, our team at Mt. Harrison Audiology also provides 5-star-rated hearing services to patients from Burley, Twin Falls, Filer, Malta, Kimberly, Jerome, Heyburn, Paul & Declo, ID, and surrounding areas.