Mr. Thom Bailey left the following message on the Mt. Harrison Audiology Facebook Page:

Due to my wife and kids getting tired of having to repeat themselves whenever they told me something I finally gave in to the pressure and had a visit with the family doctor for what I thought was just a wax build up causing my hearing loss. Found out it wasn't and was advised that I see an audiologist and get my hearing checked. He recommended seeing Dr. Pickup and I'm so glad I did. Dr. Pickup not only gives a thorough hearing test, but she also takes the time to go over that test and dig into the details. It was very educational. Our hearing is a lot more complex than I realized. You always hear about going into a place like this and getting pressured to buy hearing aids. That is not what Dr. Pickup is about. She is about the patient and better hearing. If you don't need them she is going to tell you that and advise other options. If you are struggling with understanding others due to mild hearing loss but not really to the point of needing the help of hearing aids she has programs and techniques to help with that. In my case, hearing aids were needed. Not something I wanted due to my age (late 40's) and the stigma that is so prevalent in our society. We got to get past that folks. I think the hearing aids are getting to a place where we just might be able to. Enter the Starkey Halo's. Wow! They are amazing! I had no idea that the technology has come this far. Not only are they discreet, they are controlled by your iPhone. Being the Apple geek that I am means I'm in heaven. I can fine tune the sound, even for specific places which can be put into memory and geotagged so they change to those setting automatically when I go back to those places. Plus I can stream music from my iPhone, make phone calls, and the list goes on. Sorry for the Halo commercial but it is just amazing how far things have come. There is a whole world of sound out their people. I can't believe what I have been missing. Go see Dr. Pickup and find out where your hearing is at. You need that checkup if for no other reason than to make sure everything is okay. I assure you she will take great care of you. Thanks Dr. Pickup
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