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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Hearing instruments, personalized.

In today’s commoditized world, it is easy to see hearing instruments as a widget.  You see online ads for cheap hearing aids.  You can walk into a Costco and purchase good hearing technology at a very cheap price.  However, hearing instruments are...

New YouTube Channel

Hi there!  I’ve begun a YouTube channel where I can discuss hearing related topics with you.  I realized that if I am hoping to help people hear better, they shouldn’t just read about it…they can listen too!   If you have other topics...

Grand Opening!

Today is a big day.  We’ve painted and furnished the office.  We’ve had the help and support of so many as we begin a new chapter in our lives.  Today we open our doors to the public, and welcome you to our Grand Opening.   Ever since I...

Hearing Loss and Diabetes

There is a strong link between high blood sugar and hearing loss.  The cochlea, or end organ of hearing, is extremely sensitive to changes in our blood chemistry.  Any disease which affects the heart or kidneys (the main filter for our blood) will also...