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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Brain health and hearing health

 We recently found out my grandmother is in the beginning stages of memory loss.  It has really brought to home the difficulties that ensue when our brain is just not as healthy as it should be.  I have been urging both she and my grandpa to be more...

Hearing instruments, personalized.

In today’s commoditized world, it is easy to see hearing instruments as a widget.  You see online ads for cheap hearing aids.  You can walk into a Costco and purchase good hearing technology at a very cheap price.  However, hearing instruments are...

Hearing Loss and Dementia

For too long, hearing loss has been considered a part of normal aging, and not something that is worth worrying about.  Although 30 million Americans have some form of hearing loss, less than 20% wear hearing aids.  There is stigma associated with hearing...