Family is Everything

My name is Christine Pickup. My interest in Audiology began in high school.  I volunteered to help with therapy for woman who had recently had a stroke. She suffered from aphasia, and I helped her do "homework" assigned by her speech pathologist.  This experience led me to take the Introduction to Speech Pathology and Audiology at Brigham Young University.  Half way through the first class, I changed my major to Audiology and never looked back.  I completed my undergraduate degree, served a mission for my church, and returned to BYU to obtain my master's degree in Audiology.  

Audiology is woven throughout our marriage and family.  Wes sacrificed and worked two jobs to help me finish my master's degree at BYU.  I graduated in 2001, finishing my thesis on inner ear based hearing screening in older adults after giving birth to our first son. While Wes completed his degree at Utah State University, I finished my clinical fellowship year at Bridgerland Audiology, and helped to support our family.  Our oldest children were partly raised at the clinic while I took care of patients.  

We moved with a job opportunity to the Burley area in 2006, excited to raise our growing family in a rural setting.  I quickly found ways I could serve the children in the area by creating an Educational Audiology Program for Cassia School District.  We also built our first home here during that time.  In 2007, I began my doctoral program through the Arizona School of Health Sciences, A.T. Still University's satellite campus.  I completed my doctorate in 2010.  

We moved to Boise that same year to pursue a new employment opportunity for Wes, but couldn't resist the chance to come home to the Mini-Cassia area when a transfer possibility was presented to us. We built a new home (which included a lot of sweat equity) in 2012, and I was able to begin a new opportunity to work for a local hearing aid dealer, and continued there until early 2014. 

I decided to open our family-centered clinic because I am passionate about helping those with hearing difficulties stay connected with their loved ones.  I am committed to diagnosing and treating hearing loss, and using the latest technology advances to preserve relationships and happy moments.  Technology is only one piece of the puzzle, and I offer counseling, rehabilitation classes, and online courses which will help patients get the most out of their hearing.


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