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State-of-the-Art Hearing Evaluations in Rupert, ID

hearing evaluations in rupert idExperience Our Specialized Hearing Evaluations at Mt. Harrison Audiology

At Mt. Harrison Audiology, we are committed to providing the highest quality hearing care available to all our patients. That’s why we offer a complimentary communication consultation to fully assess your hearing loss concerns and determine the best course of action for your hearing health.

After your initial consultation, we will perform a thorough evaluation, including hearing tests, that focuses on specific hearing functions and can provide our experts with a clearer picture of your condition and how we can best help you. Keep reading to learn more about our state-of-the-art hearing evaluations in Rupert, ID.

Hearing Tests Included in Our Evaluation

The team at Mt. Harrison Audiology follows best practices for hearing evaluations and is highly skilled at performing various types of hearing tests for both children and adults. We offer a complete hearing evaluation, which includes the following tests:

  • Otoscopy – An examination of the outer ear, or “external auditory canal,” using an otoscope. This allows our team to see what’s happening in the ear canal and if there is a buildup of cerumen (ear wax), skin cells, or other issues that are impacting your hearing.
  • Tympanometry – An examination of the middle ear using variations of air pressure in the ear canal. It measures how energy is transmitted through the middle ear and allows our team to distinguish your specific type of hearing loss.
  • Pure Tone & Speech Audiometry – Pure tone testing includes tones played via headphones and bone conduction to test whether or not hearing loss is present. The volume of the tones is gradually reduced until they become barely audible and are recorded into an audiogram. For speech audiometry, words are played and the patient must repeat them, with the audiologist recording how many words were repeated correctly.

If deemed necessary, this testing will also include more specialized tests to ascertain possible medical conditions that need the treatment of a medical physician such as an ENT. Also, we are able to bill most insurance companies for hearing test-related charges, so please be sure to bring a referral from your physician when you come in for your evaluation.

Learn More About Hearing Evaluations in Rupert, ID, Today!

To learn more about our 5-star-rated hearing evaluations, tests, or treatments, give our friendly office a call at 208.312.0957 today! If you wish to schedule your complimentary Mt. Harrison Audiology Communication Consultation, then please CLICK HERE to use our convenient online form. Your consultation includes a review of your medical history, an in-depth discussion of your hearing loss concerns and goals, and an explanation of our process.

We will take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you’re completely comfortable before beginning our evaluation to further examine your hearing loss and recommend a personalized treatment plan. Schedule your appointment today – we can’t wait to meet you!

As one of the premier hearing care centers in Rupert, ID, our team at Mt. Harrison Audiology also provides 5-star-rated hearing services to patients from Burley, Twin Falls, Filer, Malta, Kimberly, Jerome, Heyburn, Paul & Declo, ID, and surrounding areas.