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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Comprehensive Ear Canal Cleaning in Rupert, ID

rupert id ear canal cleaningsProtect Your Healthy Hearing at Mt. Harrison Audiology

If you’re experiencing hearing loss or if your hearing aids aren’t as effective as they used to be, it could be that your ear canals simply need cleaning. Our experienced audiologists follow best practices in audiology for ear canal cleanings in Rupert, ID, to offer you increased hearing clarity, comfort, and optimal effectiveness from your hearing device.

Why Are Ear Canal Cleanings Necessary?

Cerumen, also known as ear wax, is a common concern for people who wear hearing devices. Cerumen is a useful substance secreted by your ear canal to protect the delicate skin in your ear. It has antimicrobial properties to clean your ears and protect them from infection. For most people, the ear in self-cleaning, but there are times ear wax builds up in the ear and can cause earaches, ear infections, and even temporary hearing loss if the ear canal is completely blocked.

Mt. Harrison Audiology Is Here for You

At Mt. Harrison Audiology, our specialists are trained in cerumen management and the careful removal of buildup. At-home cleaning techniques can be risky if not done properly, so we always recommend seeking professional help with cleaning your ear canals. With something as precious and delicate as your hearing, don’t make the mistake of worsening your condition – contact our friendly office at 208.312.0957 today to schedule an appointment.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today!

We also invite you to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation Mt. Harrison Audiology Communication Consultation by  Request Appointment today. Your new patient consultation includes a review of your medical history, an in-depth discussion of your hearing loss concerns and goals, and an explanation of our process, for FREE. After your consultation, our experienced team will recommend further evaluation and testing, if necessary, and a treatment plan customized to your hearing needs.

Come experience 5-star-rated care at Mt. Harrison Audiology – we can’t wait to meet you!

As one of the premier hearing care centers in Rupert, ID, our team at Mt. Harrison Audiology also provides 5-star-rated hearing services to patients from Burley, Twin Falls, Filer, Malta, Kimberly, Jerome, Heyburn, Paul & Declo, ID, and surrounding areas.