Shane Hunsaker, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

I have been practicing audiology for 28 years.  I have watched audiology and hearing aid technology evolve over the years.  It is truly remarkable how amplification has become smaller and more technologically advanced over the years.  The latest advances with NeuroTechnology allow a person to truly hear better in background noise, focus on what you want to hear, and help your brain get the information it needs.  On top of that, hearing technology can help patients access their mobile phones and personnel communication devices through their hearing devices. 

I became interested in the field of audiology after visiting my grandfather when I was 12 years old.  He was sitting at the kitchen table completing a cross word puzzle and I was rummaging through his junk drawer.  I came upon a dish of hearing aids. I had never seen him wear hearing aids before.  I asked him why he never wore his hearing aids?  He stated “The last guy that came through town said his hearing aids were better than the previous gentleman’s that he had purchased! None of them work worth a hoot!”

I always wanted him to hear better and enjoy our family gathering more!  I went on to study at the University of Wyoming receiving my Bachelors of Speech and Hearing, and Masters of Audiology. I then received my Doctor of Audiology from Salus University.

I have practiced all areas of audiology Adults, Pediatrics, Vestibular assessment, Auditory Evoked Potentials, Intraoperative Monitoring, Amplification of Adults and Children.  I am married and the proud father of two sons, three daughters, and two grandchildren.  I am thrilled and to join Dr. Pickup and Dr. Mitchell at Mt. Harrison Audiology. 

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