Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Helen Bowcut wrote the following letter in the Weekly Mailer:  

We want to share a great experience that occurred in the last few months.  After years of my husband trying to put up with his hearing aids, trying to get satisfaction in their use and still not being able to hear well, we discovered Christine Pickup from Mount Harrison Audiology in Rupert.  She was able to improve a great deal what was needed to be done with the aids he had, but he opted to get some of the newer technology available.  Christine is a trained audiologist with wonderful equipment that she uses to thoroughly do all the testing that is needed to see what the best option is for your hearing needs.  She then went through a fine tuning process over the next few weeks with him and the hearing aids until the hearing was adjusted so well that wearing them became a welcome need.  What a difference in both our lives, and for Jerry to hear all that is being said.  To my great joy he is once again able to sing with the choir as well without the frustration of background noises and etc. that plagued him before.  The renewed gift of hearing in our relationship is well worth sharing with any of you who may be looking for answers in your hearing needs.  Our recommendation is give her a chance to improve your life as she did ours!


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