Hearing Resources

There are many organizations dedicated to helping those with hearing loss.  

This is a listing of current organizations that can be of help to those with hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Association of America:  A national organization who represents those with hearing loss, includes forums, educational information, and advocacy.

Hearing Like Me:  A website, forum, and source of education.  Founded and supported by Phonak.

Hand and Voices:  A national organization supporting children with hearing loss and their parents/caregivers.  

Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:  This council advocates for those who are deaf or hard of hearing in Idaho.  


Financial Help for Hearing Aids

Lions Club.  This service organization creates a loaner bank of used but serviceable hearing aids to help those who can otherwise not afford them.   This loaner bank is administered by the Idaho School for the Deaf.  The Lions Club will also help supply hearing aids on an as-needed basis.

Hear Now.  Created by the Starkey Foundation, this program provides low cost hearing aids to those who meet financial guidelines.  

Oticon Loaner Hearing Aid Bank.  Makes hearing aids available for children who need hearing aids immediately, while waiting for 3rd party reimbursement or cochlear implant surgery.

Idaho Assistive Techology Program.  Provides alternative financing for those who need to finance any type of assistive technology, from wheel chairs to hearing aids.  

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