Hearing Rehabilitation

If hearing technology is deemed necessary, we offer a wide range of hearing instruments and assistive devices to fit all needs and budgets.  As the only independent hearing care provider in Southern Idaho, we are able to offer technology from all the major manufacturers, including OticonStarkey, Widex, and Signia.  

Technology is only one part, however, in helping a patient get the most from their hearing.  Unlike getting a new pair of glasses, hearing technology has much more to overcome than just a lens problem.  Hearing is a complicated system where there can be multiple breakdowns, whether the problem is in the end organs, the hearing nerves, or the brain itself.  This is why we offer monthly classes that can help patients integrate technology into their lives and learn skills to help compensate for hearing loss.  We also offer CD-ROM based and take-home courses that help to rehabilitate the ear and brain and help them work together for better hearing.  

We can tailor a specific educational rehabilitation plan for children who are diagnosed with hearing loss.

It is our privilege to work with you until you are satisfied and communicating at your best.  Please contact our office to schedule an evaluation today.

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