What is Hearing Healthcare?  

Hearing healthcare focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders.  It is much more than selling hearing aids, although dispensing hearing aid can be part of the solution.  Hearing healthcare is providing treatment for a chronic, potentiallly progressive disorder that affects every aspect of a person's life.  

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Hearing is the sense that ties people, families, and communities together.   We rely on our hearing every day to communicate.  Communication is vital for individuals to express their thoughts, needs, and desires. Communication is critical for businesses to thrive, for education to be gained, and for families to succeed.  

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Our mission at Mt. Harrison Audiology is to provide world-class hearing healthcare to the Mini Cassia communities and beyond.  This includes prevention of hearing loss through education, identification of hearing loss through best practice methods, and exploring together the best treatment options to create an individualized and personal treatment plan.  We're excited to bring hearing healthcare to a whole new level in our area.  As the only locally owned private audiology clinic in Southern Idaho, Mt Harrison Audiology is in a unique position to provide comprehensive care for each individual, regardless of age.  Dr. Pickup and Dr. Mitchell are happy to be able to serve our community.  Please call us today for an appointment.

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