Mr. David Martinez shared the following experience on the Mt. Harrison Audiology Facebook Page:  

I would just like to share my experience here. I have had hearing loss for many years and about 8 years ago had hearing aids for the first time. My first experience was almost my last. The Dr. Was a great guy but the follow-up was not very good and I grew to hate my hearing devices. Time goes by and my hearing gets to the point that even I cannot ignore it any longer. Between my wife getting increasingly irritated, not being able to hear conversation, not being able to hear wild game in the field (I am an avid hunter) and not being able to hear noises coming from machinery i work on i decided to try again. Back in October I tried a different audiologist and, because of insurance issues at the time, had to put the hearing on hold until after January not to mention I felt like I went to a place where they were more worried about selling a product than the customer. The time came to schedule. I saw a billboard on the highway to Rupert for Mt. Harrison Audiology and didn't think much about it. A couple weeks went by and I could not remember the name so I googled hearing aids and got the number. I had a great feeling about this so looked up the web site and was impressed by the level of education Christine had achieved and the apparent commitment to her trade. I called and made an appointment and Christine was very pleasant. I went to my appointment and was blown away. Christine's attention to detail, concern for her patients, and approach were outstanding. One thing that struck me right off is that she isn't just a button and knob turner just trying to market a product, she is very skilled in her trade. Christine performed test's I had not had before and also looked at the medical side of hearing loss besides what a piece of paper with some lines on it showed. She did not try and throw me into the top of the line product rather she examined what I expected and my life style then made recommendations. It didn't take long for me to decide the model and features I wanted. We ordered the devices and in a week I got a thank you card in the mail. I was amazed. In this day and age where you are luck to get a verbal thank you Christine took the time to write and send me a thank you card. This is what customer service used to be! After a follow up and adjustment I am very happy with my choice to come to Mt. Harrison Audiology and Hearing Aids, LLC and see Christine. From my experience to date I am a life long customer!!!!!! I do not think anyone can go wrong if they need an audiologist to see Christine.
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