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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Top Quality Batteries for Hearing Aids in Burley, ID

hearing aid batteries in burley idBecome Part of Our Convenient Battery Club

Even the highest quality hearing technology requires a power source, and our team at Mt. Harrison Audiology is proud to provide our patients with the convenience of a low-cost battery club for hearing aids in Burley, ID. Don’t waste your time running all over town looking for batteries – just join our battery club and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

How Does It Work?

Simply pay a small, one-time fee of $30 for a binaural fitting, $15 for one hearing aid, and receive all the batteries you will need for an entire year. We provide 3-4 packages of batteries each time you come in to ensure they remain fresh and provide your hearing aids with the power they need to achieve the highest level of performance.
About Our Quality Batteries

We use only the highest quality of batteries that are zinc-air powered, mercury-free, and guaranteed to give consistent voltage during use. Hearing aid batteries come in 4 sizes and are color coded.

  • 675, Blue
  • 13, Orange
  • 312, Brown
  • 10, Yellow

When you become a member of our battery club, we will make sure you’re only using the best possible batteries for your hearing devices. We will also make sure you always have fresh batteries on hand so you never have to go without your hearing aids. Your happy, healthy hearing is our top priority – contact our friendly office for more information today!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation for Hearing Aids in Burley, ID, Today!

To learn more about our low-cost battery club for hearing aids in Burley, ID, give us a call at 208.312.0957 today! Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and provide you with more information.

We also invite you to CLICK HERE to request your complimentary, no-obligation Mt. Harrison Audiology Communication Consultation. Your new patient consultation includes a review of your medical history, an in-depth discussion of your hearing loss concerns and goals, and a detailed explanation of our process, for FREE. After your consultation, our experienced team will recommend further evaluation and testing, if necessary, and a treatment plan customized to your hearing needs.

Contact us today to experience 5-star-rated hearing care in Burley, ID!

As one of the premier hearing care centers in Rupert, ID, our team at Mt. Harrison Audiology also provides 5-star-rated hearing services to patients from Burley, Twin Falls, Filer, Malta, Kimberly, Jerome, Heyburn, Paul & Declo, ID, and surrounding areas.