Auditory Processing Evaluations

Sometimes hearing loss occurs not in the ear itself, but in the brain's ability to make use of the sound the ear receives.  We offer Auditory Processing (APD) evaluations for those individuals where this may be concern.   

For children in whom APD may be a concern, limited evaluations are possible at age 5, with definitive testing available at age 7 or greater.  This is when normative data is available to reference results.  We have partnered with Acoustic Pioneer to provide iPad and PC based therapy modules.   

For adults seeking treatment following diagnosis, we recommend consulting with The Auditory Processing Network.  

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For additional information on how our brain hears, here are some great additional resources:

Get on the Brain Train

Dr. Carol Flexer

Auditory processing vs. hearing by Lori Riggs, MA

Please call our office to schedule an evaluation today.

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