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 Hearing health and heart health are linked!

Hearing health and heart health are linked!

The inner ear is really remarkable!  The human ear responds to 10 octaves of sound, from the softest rustling of a leaf, to a jet engine at take off.  This amazing range comes through specialized cells that are very susceptible to changes in the blood supply.  If there are concerns about the health of your cardiovascular system, there could also be changes to your hearing. 

In 1965, Rosen and Olin discovered the first links between hearing health and cardiovascular health.  In the intervening years, the link between the hearing and heart have been shown to be stronger and stronger.   

The American Academy of Audiology published an important study showing the influence of cardiovascular health on hearing.  A causal link between hasn’t been identified, but there is a definitive relationship between the two.  The ear is supplied by several small arteries and requires a sufficient and rich blood flow to maintain proper function.  It is believed that cardiovascular disease can reduce blood flow to the ear and in turn cause damage to different parts of the auditory system. This damage typically results in a sensorineural hearing loss which is permanent and often managed with amplification.

This article, written by Dr. Hamlett, ENT, explains the relationship in the USA Today.  

Our office recommends that you have your hearing screened every 5 years, after the age of 18.  At age 40, a complete hearing evaluation should be performed to establish a baseline.  We care about your overall health and wellness, and work as part of your healthcare team to help you live life to the fullest.