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november diabetes awareness month

Diabetes is the inability of a the body to process carbohydrates. 

This can be due to insulin resistance, (type 2 diabetes), or due to lack of insulin production, (type 1 diabetes).  When the body cannot remove sugar from the blood stream, it can cause damage to both the circulatory system and also the nervous system.  

As some of you may know, I have type 1 diabetes.  I live with the day to day, relentless toll that living with diabetes can play on both physical and emotional well being. 

type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is linked with an increased risk of hearing loss.

One of the less talked about side effects of diabetes is an increased risk for hearing loss, which has been verified in multiple studies.  You can read more about these studies here:


American Speech Language Hearing Association

How can you prevent hearing loss when you also deal with diabetes? 

Do you best to keep your blood sugars in a normal range.  Exercise, reduce carbohydrate intake, and stay hydrated.  Avoid loud noise.  Keep your regular appointments with your physician and follow their counsel.  GET YOUR HEARING CHECKED!!!  Along with annual eye examinations for nerve damage, you should also have annual hearing evaluations to determine if changes are occurring in your hearing.  

There is always hope.

Don’t let diabetes break you down.  Be sure to visit with someone who knows what you are facing, and can be a listening ear.  Your local audiologist is someone who understands, and can help you communicate with your loved ones.  Although both diabetes and hearing loss don’t have a “cure”, they are manageable, and you can live a full life.  It takes patience with yourself, and a willingness to learn management skills.