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Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

fall in the air reflection & hope

Fall in the air…

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  The crisp morning air, the colors of the leaves changing, the warmth of the late autumn light make my heart peaceful.  I also love watching the busy harvest activities happening all around.  It’s a time to enjoy the fruits of spring and summer’s labor.  


It’s also the time we prepare for the holidays.  November and December are coming fast.  Have you considered how your hearing may affect your enjoyment of holiday parties?  What about hearing important conversations?  Are you finding that you avoid activities you once enjoyed?


Now is the time to have your hearing evaluated, and treatment options considered.  Hearing technology, assistive listening tools, and listening therapy are available and (better than ever) to help you navigate the holidays with confidence.  

Our clinic’s thorough diagnostic and unique fitting protocols ensure a better experience than you may have had anywhere else.  Education and experience make a difference in your long term success.  

I hope you’ll call today and take the first step to a happier holiday season!