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There is a strong link between high blood sugar and hearing loss.  The cochlea, or end organ of hearing, is extremely sensitive to changes in our blood chemistry.  Any disease which affects the heart or kidneys (the main filter for our blood) will also affect the inner ear.  Diabetes, which can affect both heart and kidneys is a big risk factor for hearing loss, but many don’t make that connection.  

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Diabetes is something personal for me, as I am a type 1 (auto-immune based, insulin dependent) diabetic myself.  I know first hand how difficult it is to keep blood sugar stable.  Let me give you one more reason to do your best…you will also protect your hearing.  

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In this week’s Mini-Cassia Voice,  I wrote an article about diabetes and hearing loss.  Take a look.  

Think of family members you know that may be at risk.  Encourage them in maintaining their diet, exercise and medication, and encourage them to get their hearing tested.  Diabetes is a tough fight, but it is do-able.  Especially with the support of family members.  Communicating with our loved ones is too valuable to not protect.  

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