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As people become more aware of the dangers of hearing loss, they are curious what symptoms they should be looking for.  

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In some cases, the symptoms are dramatic.  These symptoms could include a sudden change in hearing acuity and ringing in the ear that doesn’t go away.  This may also be accompanied by changes in balance or partial facial paralysis (also called Bell’s Palsy). 

More frequently, hearing loss occurs subtly over time, and is less noticeable.  Unfortunately, many of these symptoms can be confused with other causes, and makes identification more difficult.  In children, often hearing loss is mistaken as inattention or even attention deficit issues.  Children with hearing loss also tend to have speech and learning delays.  It’s very important to verify the cause so that treatment can begin and these delays can be alleviated. 

In adults, inattention is also a symptom of hearing loss, and can cause stress at work or in personal relationships.  Another frequent complaint for adults with hearing loss is that sounds are loud enough, but not clear.  Sometimes a person with hearing loss will respond inappropriately or complain that others are mumbling.  Another indication of hearing loss is the loudness of the television or radio.  A person with hearing loss will listen at a much louder volume than normal.

Hearing loss is a serious health issue.  Causes of hearing loss can include heart disease, diabetes, or kidney problems.  Hearing loss can be a side effect of illness, a result of traumatic head injury, or a result of medication.  It’s important to recognize the symptoms of hearing loss and seek treatment.  Humans hear with their brains, and when it comes to hearing loss what is between the ears is the real issue.  Delaying treatment not only makes communication difficult, but can also put a person at a higher risk for cognitive decline, loss of education or income, and at risk for depression and dementia.  

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