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If you are searching for a qualified, caring audiologist who follows best practices for audiologic care in Rupert, ID, for yourself or your loved one, then you have come to the right place! You should feel confident when choosing an audiologist for yourself or your family. To help you make an informed decision, our expert, Dr. Christine Pickup, has written this free report.

In This Video, Founder Dr. Christine Pickup, AuD. Walks You Through What to Expect as a Patient

Your New Favorite Audiologist In Rupert, ID

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Dear Friend,

At Mt. Harrison Audiology, we constantly strive to go above and beyond in providing you with a hearing rehabilitation solution that lets you enjoy the sounds of the world around you. For every patient, we always follow Audiology Best Practices to offer uncompromising quality and safety when it comes to your hearing care. Helping people restore music and conversation in their lives is our passion. Since 2014, thousands of people have trusted us with their hearing health, and we look forward to providing you with the same excellent hearing care.

Thanks to our modern in-office technologies, we are pleased to be able to offer you increased convenience and comfort when you take advantage of our available hearing aids and hearing loss rehabilitation options. If you or a loved one has suffered from a sense of isolation due to hearing loss or ringing in your ears (tinnitus), our compassionate audiologist in Rupert, ID, can help you find the right solution to reconnect you with your loved ones.

Ultimately, you should do your research when choosing your hearing aid specialist or audiologist. To help you, we wrote, “The Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Audiologist.” Inside this report, you will find the ten most crucial things to know (and what to ask) before you commit to a hearing loss rehabilitation plan. If any questions arise as you read this report, feel free to call our friendly hearing center to ask! We are here for you.

To Your Hearing Clarity,

Dr. Christine Pickup, Au.D.

P.S. If you are looking for a real-world solution to your hearing loss or tinnitus, then you are in the right place! Call 208.312.0957 to schedule your complimentary Mt. Harrison Audiology Communication Consultation and find out how our experienced audiologists can help you.

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Listen to Our Patient’s Audio Testimonials

David talks about how Dr. Pickup provided him multiple options and that he has referred many people to Mt Harrison Audiology

Jean describes how she has formed a special bond with Dr. Pickup over the years.

Vietnam Veteran, Frank shares that his appointments were on time and how he was helped after many previous failed attempts by other providers.

communication tips book

This Booklet Reveals Important Details and Tips Including: 

  • The Importance of Communication and Belonging
  • Why Hearing Loss Affects Communication
  • Specific Skills and Techniques to Better Facilitate Communication With Someone Who Has Hearing Loss
  • Causes of Hearing Loss and Why Timely Treatment is Critical For Long-Term Success

Dr Pickup breaks down our human need for communication in understandable sections. This guide helps those who lose their hearing, having already learned spoken language, to be mindful of improved communication. It also to empower individuals to advocate for themselves, seek help, use their hearing aids and teach others how to be better communication partners. It all boils down to healthy relationships and treating hearing loss early. An excellent tool for late onset hearing loss in the clinic!” 

-Dr. Judy Huch, Doctor of Audiology and Director of Grace Hearing Center in Tucson, AZ