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the office of Dr. Christine Pickup, Dr. Cortney Mitchell, and Dr. Shane Hunsaker

We care about your hearing health.

Our mission is to provide the most thorough diagnostics and

advanced treatment of hearing loss for all ages.  


Hearing loss can increase your risk of dementia by 200%.

Treating hearing loss can reduce your risk.


Diabetes can double your risk for hearing loss.

Most people know your eyes and feet are at risk with high blood sugar...but so are your ears.


Hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of falls.

Falls are the leading cause of hip fractures, and stays in long term care facilities.

Your Rupert, Burley, Heyburn, Paul, Declo, Oakley, Malta, Hansen, Hazelton, Murtaugh, Twin Falls, Buhl, Filer, Jerome, Gooding & Rogerson hearing health experts.  

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Local, independent hearing care in Rupert.

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